Shock-Lock™ Super Duty Electronics Mount

Swivel Head Electronics Mount

The NEW!! Shock-Lock™ Electronics Mount (Swivel Head) is designed to securely hold your heaviest electronics in place under any condition. No more worries about your electronics moving, shifting or smashing on your boat while running in any conditions. The Shock-Lock™ was tested in the most severe conditions by top touring pros. The Shock-Lock™ is made from anodized aircraft aluminum and stainless steel for strength and durability.

The Shock-Lock™ is designed for universal use with any electronics from the smallest to largest screens. The Shock-Lock™ incorporates two 180 degree pivot points to allow for maximum location adjustment. The Swivel head design allows the user to adjust the electronics from side to side as well as 180 degrees vertical/horizontally to allow installation on almost any surface. The Shock-Lock™ when mounted allows easy on/off by simply unscrewing & pulling the spring loaded release mechanism. This feature allows for easy re-mounting of the electronics in the exact original position, no more fussing with setting the screen where you need it in dark or adverse conditions. The Shock-Lock™ features a built in wire chase for easy setup.



RMC-501ES-BShock-Lock™ Super Duty Electronics MountRMC-501ES-DP click to buy online

Packaged - Standard Pack - 3/box