Boat Headlights

Now, a boat headlight rugged enough to withstand the pounding of rough water.  Durable, rugged all rubber housing is completely weather-proof and unbreakable. Protects sealed beam from shock & vibration. The sealed beam lamp is 110,000 candle power with a concentrated beam that lights the way for you to see obstacles in the water. Comes complete with two housings, two sealed beams, switch panel and all mounting hardware for lights.

  • Durable and weatherproof
  • Handles shock of boating application
  • 110,000 candle power

T-H Marine Boat Headlights Installed


HL-1-DPHeadlight Set, pair of lights and on/off switchHL-1-DP click to buy online
HL-1S-DPHead light, single light assemblyHL-1S-DP
HLRB-1-DPHead light replacement bulb (110,000 candle power beam)HLRB-1-DP
HLB-1-DPHeadlight mounting brackets, pairHLB-1-DP

Standard Pack:
OEM – Bulk Pairs 1 Pair/Box