Cup Holder

Drink Holder / Cup Holder

From T-H Marine comes the ultimate in drink cup holders. Manufactured from super-tough poly material which resists sunlight, breakage and chemicals, the holder is UV tested and will not fade as others do. Hose fitting on the bottom to accept a 3/8" I.D. hose. Any spills, spray or rain water can be drained to the bilge area.

Large Cup Holder Dimensions are: Main Body Dia. - 3.77"; Top Lid - 4.2"; Depth is 3 1/8" on large and 1 3/4" on short models.

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LCH-1-DPLarge Cup Holder - BlackLCH-1-DP click to buy online
LCH-1T-DPLarge Cup Holder - TanLCH-1T-DP
LCH-1W-DPLarge Cup Holder - WhiteLCH-1W-DP click to buy online
LCH-1WS-DPLarge Cup Holder - Off-White / SandLCH-1WS-DP click to buy online
LCH-2Short Cup Holder - BlackLCH-2-DP
LCH-2TShort Cup Holder - TanLCH-2T-DP
LCH-2WShort Cup Holder - WhiteLCH-2W-DP
LCH-2WSShort Cup Holder - Off-White / SandLCH-2WS-DP

Standard Pack:
OEM – Bulk 100/Box